• Last Chance to Register for the December Customer Webinar!

    Register for the December Customer Webinar! According to R.L. Polk, 78% of car buyers shop online. This means that your website needs to be fully functional, engaging and easy to find at all times.  Mobile device users deserve the same quality of browsing experience as PC/desktop users, and 74% of customers that visited a mobile-friendly site […]

  • Responsive Web Design is Essential for Automotive Dealers

    Google says that 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital channels. Many of the 24 research points used by vehicle shoppers are now accessed via mobile devices. With the growing number of smart phone users, gathering digital information via mobile device is becoming the new way to conduct research.  This change in the way buyers are […]

  • Responsive Web Design Best Practices

      We can agree that mobile device users deserve the same quality of browsing experience as PC/desktop users. Examining the rate at which the mobile web is growing, it is critical that your website is able to accept visitors who are surfing the web for digital information from a widely array of different devices and […]

  • Developing A Social Media Strategy To Promote Your Dealership

    Managing and or owning a dealership is not an easy task, therefore staying competitive in the automotive industry is important. A strong social media presence can get dealerships a better grasp on the exposure of their brand. Social media offers advertising avenues for dealers and with the right social media strategy, dealers can gain control over […]

  • Are Live Videos the Future of Automotive Marketing?

    Did you know that videos are the #1 searched item on Google today? Online videos are the future of automotive marketing. Cisco reports that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. While some dealerships today already use videos for their inventory, many are still using inventory photos or “pic and stitch” videos. […]

  • Three Ways To Drive Website Traffic With Pinterest

    When evaluating your dealership’s social media marketing options, Pinterest is probably the last site you think of. However, Pinterest is becoming a more popular and useful marketing tool. Pinterest provides a way for dealerships to collect and organize products, images, and articles from across the web and share them. In other words, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. […]

  • Social Media Marketing Disasters Every Dealership Should Avoid

    When thinking about an effective social media marketing strategy, how do you know what steps to take? There is a direct correlation between an employer’s social media marketing approach and an employee’s level of social media marketing expertise.  Therefore, teamwork is essential before confirming a marketing strategy. Your dealership needs a well-planned social media marketing […]

  • Is your Dealership Maximizing the Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing?

    Did you know that 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt? Your dealership has a limited amount of advertising dollars to spend across multiple platforms. Integrating mobile marketing into every campaign enables a dealer’s ad dollars to work smarter. Mobile marketing allows your dealership to reach a highly targeted audience and have direct marketing […]

  • Enjoy more power, visibility & revenue with DominionCMX

      DominionCMX is an enterprise-ready CRM system that is designed to expose more revenue opportunities and sources than any other automotive CRM. Dominion CMX offers advantages such as enhanced workflows, automated alerts and tasks based on roles in your dealership. Built to drive revenue, your managers will love the enterprise-level reporting and customizable dashboards. Your salespeople […]

  • Fletcher Jones Honda Improves Customer Experience and Increases Online Reviews by 92% with Dominion’s Prime Response

    The Challenge Mike Halloran, Director of Sales at Fletcher Jones Honda articulates,“Before we began working with Dominion’s Prime Response, we had a previous vendor that I simply had to cancel, due to the quality of their service.  From there, we attempted to manage our online reputation in-house, but that turned out to be more time consuming than […]