• Are Your Customers “Gossiping” About Your Dealership?

    76% of Americans talk about brands each day. Is your dealership among them? According to Nielsen’s 2013 “Global Survey of Trust in Advertising” (which surveyed more than 29,000 internet users in 58 countries), 84% of consumers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends and families. Word-of-Mouth Marketing is customer advocacy- an unpaid form of promotion […]

  • Orlando Ford Parts & Service Conference Recap!

    Last week, Dominion Dealer Solutions’ staff traveled to Orlando, FL to participate in the Orlando Ford Parts & Service Conference. This was our second time exhibiting and sponsoring at this event, and again, the conference did not disappoint. This year’s event had over 100 Ford Dealers and was quite productive for our team. David Printz, […]

  • Be Proactive With Your Customers through DealActivator

    Case Study: How Lynn Layton Nissan was better able to stay in touch with customers and increase sales via state of the art equity mining software, DealActivator. Jo Shaffer, Internet Marketing Director at Lynn Layton Nissan, was looking for a better way to communicate with her current customers, and  prospect for new business opportunities outside of […]

  • Expanding Your Brand Via LinkedIn

    Often Over Looked, LinkedIn Can Be A Great Way to Expand Your Dealership’s Brand A company’s brand is a sum of experiences; your employees, customers, and stakeholders are ultimately the ones defining the true value of your products/services, and your reputation. Therefore, branding is not only about establishing an identity as a company; it is important to deliver valuable experiences […]

  • Dominion Dealer Solutions Creates Priority Page for Dealers

    Provides instant access to dealerships’ best equity prospects Norfolk, VA – July 16, 2014 – Dominion Dealer Solutions, a division of Dominion Enterprises and an industry leader in equity data mining and customer relationship management, today released Priority Page for DealActivator, its equity data mining solution. The DealActivator Priority Page shows automotive dealership sales professionals […]

  • A Blind Man’s Sign: The Power of Messaging

    The Power of Messaging: From a Blind Man’s Sign to Your Dealership A blind man sits in a park with a sign hanging from his neck saying, “I am blind, please help,” and a tin cup in front of him. A passing man write pauses, seeing only three quarters in the cup. He asks, “Sir, may I change […]

  • Planning Your Next Dealership Event

    Asking the Right Questions Before Your Next Dealership Event According to Auto Dealer Monthly, events can be utilized by a dealership to drive traffic, lay the groundwork for future sales, cultivate new business opportunities, brand the dealership, and increase visibility.  In planning an event, there are a few things to consider. 1. Does the event speak […]

  • Leveraging Twitter to Better Brand Your Dealership

    Engaging Your Automotive Customers In A Personal Way By now you’ve probably said to yourself, “Okay, I get it … my dealership needs a Twitter account… but what should we be posting?” Twitter is a very versatile branding platform that allows you to communicate to a large audience in a more personal way. Automotive customers […]

  • The Era of Facebook Advertising

     What role will Facebook’s Paid Advertising play for automotive dealers?   Today’s automotive marketers are tasked with creating engaging advertisements on changing platforms. Facebook’s new paid advertising provides dealers with an inexpensive way to promote content and reach new audiences. This highly selective medium is empowering automotive industry professionals to segment car buyers based on […]

  • Marketing Your Dealership to Recent College Graduates

    Entering The “Real World” with a New Job and a New Car Post college graduation is a common time for Millennials to purchase automobiles. With the promise of a steady income, many young consumers decide to take the leap and buy their first (or sometimes second) car. Has your dealership’s marketing team tapped into this […]

  • Perception is Reality: Reviews and Reputation Management

    Today’s dealers face the reality of the online forum It’s all about perspective! As many dealers know, one wronged customer can negatively affect a dealership’s reputation for months, even years. A negative review can reach thousands of other potential automotive buyers instantly if not handled correctly. According to GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase […]

  • How to Market Your Dealership to Millennials

    Generation Y, or Millennials, are the 80 million young adults born between 1976 and 2001. Despite perceptions shaped by events including: 9/11, school shootings, and economic decline, this generation still remains optimistic about the future. Milliennials are commonly characterized as a diverse generation, thriving on aspiring entrepreneurship. To date, Millennials are the most studied generation […]